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Nary Oo Watkinson Private High School Senior Grace Scholar Receives Two Accolades

Watkinson Private High School Senior Grace Scholar Receives Two Accolades

Junior elected a Student Trustee and was awarded Female Athlete of the Month.

Watkinson School congratulates Nary O. ’21, who is a Grace Scholar at Watkinson, for being elected as one of Watkinson’s two private high school student trustees. One of 7 private high school students to run for student trustee to Watkinson’s Board, Nary gave a speech at an All-School meeting and was voted by her peers as the top candidate. She will serve in this role for a 2-year term and will attend Board of Trustees’ meetings to represent the students and provide a student voice for making decisions and setting policies.

Within the same week, Nary was named the Female Athlete of the Month for September 2019. Nary’s coaches reported that Nary has become a key player for Watkinson’s girl’s varsity soccer team this year. She has a great touch on the ball and is instrumental in helping the team learn to keep possession, and she has really ratcheted up her defensive intensity. More importantly, Nary has become a vocal leader for the team. She helps her teammates learn and applies new concepts in practice and she has been stepping up in halftime and post-game talks, getting her teammates to stay focused and motivated. Her growth has been tremendous. Head of School Teri Schrader added, “Nary is the kind of student and leader who does her best work from being part of the work — never one to push her way to the front or to wherever there is the most attention. Instead, she is persistently and consistently herself; alert — more alert than any ten people put together — and always thinking. Her leadership and presence is understated but powerful!” Members of the community appreciate Nary’s positive presence around campus, always wearing her smile and giving out a “hello, how are you” and being truly interested in your answer. 

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