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Community, Equity,
& Inclusion

100% of current parents agree or strongly agree that the faculty and staff have worked respectfully and professionally with their child(ren) and that school is a safe place.


Community Letters

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, schools across American were having heightened conversations about anti-racism with their students.  Watkinson was no different.  At that time, Head of School Teri Schrader opted to be as transparent as possible with the greater Watkinson community by writing regular updates about Watkinson’s work to become an anti-racist institution.

Community Letter December 2022

Community Letter December 2021

Community Letter July 2021

Community Letter March 2021

Community Letter November 2020

Community Letter September 2020

Community Letter July 2020

Community Letter June 2020

a message from cei director courtney massenberg

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“We seek to educate every member of our community by taking actions that reflect our common understanding of what an equitable world looks like.”

Watkinson's Strategic Plan, Adopted May 2016

Day of Community and Belonging

Watkinson held its first-ever “Day of Community and Belonging”, a virtual conference on October 23, 2021. This day marks the beginning of a public conversation about making Watkinson a more inclusive school that will continue throughout the year and beyond. Read more.

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affinity groups

At Watkinson, we value community and connectedness. We believe that when our community members feel seen, accepted and included, they can reach their fullest potential. We also value individuality and understand the importance of utilizing multiple approaches to fostering community. Affinity spaces are one of many powerful tools present at Watkinson to bring members of marginalized or disenfranchised groups together in an accepting, nurturing, and safe environment. They tap into common identities and experiences to allow members to bond, celebrate, and support one another as well as learn how to collaborate with different groups of people to foster equity for all. These spaces are created intentionally and supported vigorously. We prioritize affinity, ally, and justice-oriented spaces on our campus because, as a predominantly white institution, we recognize that through our diversity we become more connected. 

Affinity/Alliance Groups:
Chai (Jewish affinity group)
Faculty BIPOC affinity space
La Familia (Latinx/e affinity group)
Monarchs (MS BIPOC group)
Prism (8th grade and US LGBTQ alliance)
Ravens and Titans (US BIPOC group)
Women’s Empowerment (US female-identifying affinity group)
Clubs that Support DEI Work:
MS Social Justice Club
Student Foundation (public service/charity-oriented)
UTD (United Through Difference- current events and social justice focus)

student experience

Stories from students, teachers, and parents are the best way to learn about what happens at Watkinson.
To hear more, visit our Story Vault.

Jashaun Ford-Ryals ’19, now at NYU

Julia W. ’24

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