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Our Watkinson Private High School Students - Social Justice Day 2019

Our Watkinson Private High School Students – Social Justice Day 2019

by Harrison Richman, University of Hartford Communications Intern

Wednesday, April 10th wasn’t just another Wednesday at Watkinson, but rather Watkinson’s second annual Social Justice Day. Once a year, a mixture of our CT private high school students and special guests run socially conscious workshops to bring awareness to issues or subjects that they find important.

These topics are discussed in a classroom setting with teachers and students alike sharing ideas and values that they find critical to understanding a given issue. Senior, Oliver A., who wanted to discuss all of the angles surrounding gun violence, ran a workshop in the global studies room. Here, he spoke with about 20 students and 2 faculty members about how they feel gun violence should be handled and why. Not only did Oliver deliver a great workshop, but also the students were engaged and curious as to the implications and restrictions on guns in America.

Another on-campus workshop was run by Leadership Greater Hartford’s Destiny Davis. Her workshop was based on building leadership and cultural skills while teaching the students to remain respectful of each other’s core values and ideals. This included a number of exercises organized by Destiny to ensure that each student understands what happiness is and how each person’s idea of happiness or success is different. By the end, it was apparent that each student got something out of the workshop and was ready to apply what they’d learned to a world outside of the classroom. Oliver and Destiny, alongside the others who ran workshops, helped to make this year’s social justice day a special one.

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