Students Connect Internationally Via Flipgrid

by University of Hartford Communications Intern Samantha Urban For over a decade, four Venezuelan students, typically seventh graders, visit Watkinson School.  The students will be immersed right into the everyday activities of a typical Watkinson student: going to classes, eating lunch, participating in advisory and extracurriculars, you name it. With their visit scheduled for February … Read more

Middle School Visits Trinity Academy

On Friday, Jan. 17th, Watkinson’s Middle School traveled to Trinity Academy on Sigourney St. in Hartford to share lessons about Dr. King through art, poetry, and history. Our students became the teachers as they worked with the younger children, grades 1 through 4. In addition, a small team of Watkinson students and teachers prepared lunch … Read more

Head of School Featured on Podcast

Head of School Teri Schrader had the privilege of being an invited guest on “Parenting Beyond the Headlines”, a podcast hosted by author, educational leader, and current Watkinson trustee Amy Alamar. The most current podcast episode, released on September 10, focuses on the importance of the middle school years, see a trailer here. Alamar describes, … Read more

Watkinson Presents Panel on Middle School Years

Watkinson School is pleased to present “Middle School Years: Myths, Realities, and What a Parent Can Do” on October 16 at the Children’s Museum in West Hartford. The centerpiece of the evening is a forum about how to navigate the special opportunities, challenges and joy of middle schoolers. Learn why the middle school years are … Read more