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Our university partner

The University of Hartford

In the past two years, 37% of our students took at least one class at the University of Hartford.

College courses

Watkinson School and the University of Hartford have a decades-long relationship. Qualified Upper School students take college-credit courses at the University through their College Now Program. Our students are eligible for college-credit classes — generally done in senior year — for no tuition charge. Students are responsible for registration and book fees only.

University of Hartford courses give our students a taste of college while still in high school. Many colleges will accept this credit when our students graduate and enroll in their chosen school.

Examples of classes taken: Calculus II and Calculus-based Physics are available for students who are advanced in Math and have taken Calculus in their junior year at Watkinson. Also some students have taken Intro classes in Psychology, Music Theory and Composition and Computer classes.

The University Library

Any Watkinson student, 6-12/PG, is welcome to use the University of Hartford library simply by showing their Watkinson ID. Some teachers bring classes over to the University of Hartford campus to introduce them to this great resource; it is a wonderful supplement to our own resources.

University Employee tuition discount

Full-time University of Hartford employees enjoy a 25% discount on tuition if their child is accepted at Watkinson.


The UH Security presence is also a great benefit to Watkinson as they regularly include Watkinson’s campus on their daily patrols.

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