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Top Rated Best Private High School West Hartford CT

Virtual Museum Tour for Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month

To continue our commemoration of Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month, special guest, art historian, and educator, Valentín Concha-Núñez, will give our private school an interactive, virtual museum tour on Wednesday, October 14. We will explore “Representation of Latino Art”  as Concha-Núñez presents several beautiful masterpieces created by Latinx artists across different cultures, art forms, and eras.

With a dual background in education and art history, Concha-Núñez’s approach merges lots of contextual information with an open, multi-modal learning style that works for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Currently a museum educator at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, his main focus is, “…to ignite empowerment and civic participation to enrich communities through the arts and culture.”

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