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Watkinson School Appoints New Director of Community, Equity, and Inclusion

Watkinson private school is pleased to announce its new Director of Community, Equity and Inclusion is Courtney Massenberg.  

A member of Watkinson’s senior leadership, the Director of Community, Equity, and Inclusion provides strategic vision, collaborative leadership, and active oversight of Watkinson’s efforts to become a more inclusive, just, and anti-racist community. The Director is responsible for promoting cultural awareness; fostering a sense of belonging for all; and creating, implementing and supporting equitable and inclusive educational and community opportunities. The Director supports and facilitates constructive dialogue about identity, bias, equity, and social responsibility, supporting students and adults within the school community to engage effectively across differences, both on and beyond campus. The Director leads Watkinson’s five-week Summer SPHERE educational program, which has been serving elementary school children from the city of Hartford for over fifty years. 

Courtney comes to Watkinson School by way of New York City, where she began her career in education as an elementary school teacher for the NYC Department of Education, the largest and most diverse school system in the United States. After teaching in multiple grades and districts, she went on to serve in various roles including city-wide K-8 teacher evaluator, district-wide principal coach, and founding principal of a creative arts middle school. During this time, she also earned her master’s degree from Teachers College, Columbia University, as well as two administrative certifications. 

Almost 20 years later, Courtney returns to Connecticut where she was raised and educated in the independent school system. Not only did she attend Renbrook School in West Hartford and graduate from the Ethel Walker School in Simsbury, Connecticut, she is also the proud sibling of a Watkinson Alum, Class of 2000.

Throughout her career in education, Courtney has leveraged her diverse experiences to engage teachers, school, and district leaders in powerful conversations about how to reduce race, gender, socioeconomic, and other barriers to learning as well as promote an inclusive environment where all are proud to belong. She looks forward to continuing this important work at Watkinson and is thrilled to be a new member of the community.

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