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Top Rated Best Private High School West Hartford CT Joseph Adam

CT Private High School Senior at Watkinson Selected for Fellowship

Watkinson School is proud to announce that our private high school senior Adam J. ’21 was chosen for an Edward Brodsky Student Fellowship. New this year at the Anti Defamation League’s Never Is Now conference, students could apply to participate in the Edward Brodsky Student Fellowship. Fifty student leaders from around the country were selected to connect with each other through conversations about bias and identity, examination of the impacts of bias and oppression, and exploration of ways they can make an impact in their schools and communities. These future leaders learned how they can use the positive power of peer influence to promote respect, equity, and inclusion in their schools. The fellowship consisted of three 90-minute sessions.

About his selection and participation, Joseph reflected, “Speaking to 50 students from all over the country gave me the opportunity to understand the perspectives of people from a such vast variety of places. I had the chance to speak to someone from Georgia and hear her perspective on race in the south. The way that people around her view this topic is the polar opposite of how others do in Connecticut. It made me so happy to meet people who really care about the passions that I have.”

For the second year in a row, all of Watkinson’s Global Studies Program diploma students participated in the two-week Never Is Now conference, this year attending virtually. Global Studies Program Director Jennifer O’Brien comments, “This is a seminal event for students interested in justice and the fight against hate and discrimination.”

The mission of Watkinson School’s Global Studies Diploma Program is to develop in students the power to be knowledgeable and effective world citizens — acting locally and globally — and to foster respect for diverse people and cultures.

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