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Want to know why…

Watkinson’s Class of 2022 was offered $2.5 million in merit scholarship college aid?

Watkinson students succeed in the finest colleges in the country. Colleges want Watkinson students because they are known to think deeper, question harder, and engage more fully as they learn. They know what it means to contribute to a seriously enjoyable learning community.

That’s why.

Want to know why…

Watkinson’s unrivaled academic programs — like Exhibitions, Senior Seminar, & dual diplomas — get students accepted into the country’s best colleges?

“I have two Watkinson graduates in one of my college courses right now. The way they speak up, the way they question, the way they can analyze and synthesize complex information... this is what we want for our seniors. And Watkinson students are coming in as freshmen already demonstrating this.”

Stefanie Chambers, Professor of Political Science at Trinity College

That’s why.

Want to know why…

100% of Watkinson parents agree that the school is a safe place to learn, where the emotional development of their students is supported?

International research has established that, for students of all ages, happiness correlates with intrinsic motivation — a personal drive to learn. Furthermore, for students in grades 4–12, happiness is positively associated with GPA. Watkinson prioritizes a sense of happiness and belonging in this learning community not just because it feels good, but because happier students literally learn better.

That’s why.

Top Rated Best Private School in Hartford CT Niche.com

Want to know why

Watkinson has 100+ 5-Star Reviews on Niche.com from parents & alumni?

“Because of Watkinson, my daughter knows what she’s capable of. And, also because of Watkinson, she’s capable of a great deal.” — Watkinson parent and professor at Wesleyan University

“When you’re in engineering classes, your creativity has to flow even more than your test-taking abilities. At Watkinson you learn all aspects of academia.” — Aneesh K., Ph.D. candidate in Aerospace Engineering at Purdue University

“I don’t want to wait for college for my son to be engaged. I want him to be engaged now, which also changes the colleges he’s eventually going to have available to him and what he’ll be able to get out of it.” — Watkinson parent

“I thought I had to choose between a really rigorous, challenging school and a school where my kid would be happy. Turns out we could get both. In fact I would almost say they depend on each other.” — Watkinson parent

That’s why.

Where our private school students have been accepted

Coed, college-preparatory day school for

grades 6–12

Average class size


Wide variety of

in trimester seasons

Student-to-teacher ratio


220 students from

40 towns

reflecting a wide range of academic, personal, and socioeconomic backgrounds

Diploma programs in


Classes at the

More than


students of color

a unique PG program for high school graduates who are college-bound but not yet college ready

Info Sessions

An Info Session is an excellent way to get a sense of what Watkinson has to offer. Info sessions will include

  • Welcome with Head of School Teri Schrader and Director of Admission John Crosson
  • Hear from faculty and administrators
  • Q & A panel with current students
  • Campus tour

During the summer, we have in-person, outdoor info sessions in the evening.  These events include a barbecue,  campus tour, and time with our private school leaders, faculty, and students.

Upcoming Info Sessions...







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“At Watkinson, we don’t have AP classes, because, in fact, we don’t think they’re rigorous enough.”

Jen O’Brien

Director of Global Studies & Science Teacher

We know independent school is a huge investment for any family — a worthy and important investment, but still a very serious commitment. That’s why we are equally serious about working as hard as we can to enroll and assist the most outstanding and qualified students each year. Our need-based financial aid hopes to provide the opportunity for those families who are unable to afford the full cost of tuition to attend. While we are not able to guarantee financial aid for all students, more than 60% of our students receive some level of financial aid each year.

Watkinson financial aid packages are direct grants, with no repayment required.

Tuition for the 2022–2023 School Year

6th and 7th grade — $41,300.00
8th to 12th grade — $46,300.00
Academy — $33,400.00
International — $47,900.00


The School and Student Service for Financial Aid

Watkinson subscribes to the guidelines of The School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) in computing financial need. You’ll go to their website in order to fill out the PFS.


Parents’ Financial Statement

At the SSS website, you will fill out a Parents’ Financial Statement, which must be submitted by February 1. Our school code is 8050.


Report of Financial Need

Once SSS processes your PFS, they return a Report of Financial Need to Watkinson. We recommend that you request a copy of the RFN for yourself while you are filling out your PFS.

Latest News

West Hartford Art Barriers 2023

Nick G. ’24 Selected Watkinson School is pleased to announce that junior Nick G. has been selected to be one of the painters of an art barrier in West Hartford center. Nick’s design will be on a barrier on Lasalle Road in the center, in front of Division West. In its third year, this public

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Nik C. ’24 Published

Nik C. ’24, a Creative Arts Program diploma student majoring in creative writing, has been included in the second edition of the international publication called “Letters to Lovers Zine”. Nik’s poem “After the Batman” was one of 29 submissions selected out of hundreds of entries. To date, Nik’s focus has been on short stories and

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Watkinson Appoints New Director of College Counseling

Watkinson School is proud to announce Emily Parker as its next Director of College Counseling. Emily comes to Watkinson after 13 years in the college admissions world. For nearly the last decade she has been the Associate Director of Admission at Brown University, and prior to that she was the Senior Assistant Director of Admission

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