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Tuition & Financial Aid

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This link will take you to the SSS website, where you can follow the instructions for completing a Parents’ Financial Statement. Please note that our funds run out well before the end of the year! To be eligible for consideration for financial aid at Watkinson School, returning students please submit financial aid applications by January 13th. New applicants must submit by February 1.

We know independent school is a huge investment for any family — a worthy and important investment, but still a very serious commitment. That’s why we are equally serious about working as hard as we can to enroll and assist the most outstanding and qualified students each year. Our need-based financial aid hopes to provide the opportunity for those families who are unable to afford the full cost of tuition to attend. While we are not able to guarantee financial aid for all students, more than 60% of our students receive some level of financial aid each year.

Watkinson financial aid packages are direct grants, with no repayment required.

Tuition for the 2023–2024 School Year

6th and 7th grade — $43,400.00
8th to 12th grade — $48,700.00
Academy — $35,100.00
International — $49,700.00


The School and Student Service for Financial Aid

Watkinson subscribes to the guidelines of The School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) in computing financial need. You’ll go to their website in order to fill out the PFS.


Parents’ Financial Statement

At the SSS website, you will fill out a Parents’ Financial Statement, which must be submitted by February 1. Our school code is 8050.


Report of Financial Need

Once SSS processes your PFS, they return a Report of Financial Need to Watkinson. We recommend that you request a copy of the RFN for yourself while you are filling out your PFS.

returning students

Financial aid awards for returning students are reviewed each February; the continuation of aid and an increase or decrease in amount are decided on the basis of financial need and the overall available financial aid budget.

Payment Options

A no-interest monthly payment plan is available through SMART Tuition.

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